Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Church Library

What should be in a church library? Should the library consist only of a computer terminal with high speed internet access? Are there classic volumes that belong in any Christian library? What think ye? All of this is to an end...we want to start a library (or rather re-invent the one that is there). If you were starting a church library from scratch, what would you want to see there? Periodicals? Classics? Bible Study Materials? Fiction? Self-Help? What think ye? Please share your thoughts ....

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Very Rev. Mark J. Lawrence is Re-elected!

Today a special electing convention of our Diocese convened at St. James, James Island and re-elected The Very Rev. Mark J. Lawrence to be our Fourteenth Bishop.

Unofficial votes were: In the clergy order - 78 yes, 2-no, and 2-abstain; In the lay order: parish churches: 43 yes, 3-no, and 1-abstain; Of the mission churches: 7-yes, 0-no, and 1/2-abstain. Notes about votes: mission churches are accorded 1/2 vote each, and, in both the parish and mission church delegations, a divided vote counts as a no.

May the requests for consents be returned in the affirmative with reverent alacrity!