Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Almost Easter...

..but still Lent.  However, we turned the corner this past Sunday by switching the proper preface for the Eucharistic prayer.  The azaleas are blazing around here and the dogwoods are lighting up as well.  Hope there will be flowers for the flowering of the cross Easter Day - BUT we always wonder and there is always something.  God is good!  Palm Sunday is little less than two weeks away.  The GL Taber azaleas in my backyard are looking a little leggy (wish I could say the same thing about myself) so that means it will be time to do a big cutback.  In a way, this is what Lent can be for us - a chance to cut way back and to get down to the growing heart of our spirits.  It's not too late for this year for you because its still Lent.  Blessings one and all.

My backyard this week.