Friday, June 17, 2011

Trinity Sunday - Remember to Breathe

A Beautiful Thought about Our Triune God

And that same Father says to each soul in His infinite loving kindness, "Thou art Mine and I am thine: I am thine and thou art Mine, for I have chosen thee from all eternity." … When we unite ourselves to God by love, then we are spirit: but when we are caught up and transformed by His Spirit, then we are led into fruition. And the spirit of God Himself breathes us out from Himself that we may love, and may do good works; and again he draws us into Himself, that we may rest in fruition. And this is Eternal Life; even as our mortal life subsists in the indrawing and outgoing of our breath.

-John of Ruysbroeck c. 1294-1381

De Septem Gradibus Amoris, ch. 14

A Spiral-Shaped God © Jan L. Richardson