Monday, January 1, 2018

Letting it rest for a bit or maybe not

UPDATE:  We are back in action!  With addition of a new web site for the Brick Church , there is a need for a place where we can post longer text articles.   The old is made new again!

Several years back, I took my ancient  and quite beaten up Volkswagen to the dealer as a trade-in for a newer car.  This is how the conversation went..

Car Dealer rep: What kind of condition would you say your car is in?

Me:                   Terrible!

Dealer Rep:      Laughs  Well, let's see what the appraiser thinks.

        Appraiser enters the room.  Pats me sympathetically on the shoulder and says..

Appraiser:         I think it's time to let it rest.

This is the way I am feeling about this blog.  I do not believe its condition is terrible but a blog does require energy to maintain that I do not seem to have at present.. When I began the blog, St. James-Santee did not have a functional website or an e-newsletter and we now have both.   We will keep it online but won't be updating it.  If you have read it regularly, thanks!  Perhaps, we will revive it in the future.  Perhaps a Church member will be inspired to pick it up.  Who knows? Until then...

                                  Thanks again for visiting and feel free to poke around the remaining content!

                                                                        Yrs in Christ,