Sunday, November 16, 2008

Notes from the Congregational Meeting - Nov. 9th, 2008

In Response to the Question …What Would You Like to See Happening at St. James Santee Episcopal Church in 2009?

The Marriage Course offered again

Monthly Fellowship Gatherings – Wednesday nights

More Hands-On Community Outreach

Use praise music in combination with traditional music in worship – Guitar/Piano

Familiar music*

Food Drive or some other type of food ministry – perhaps in concert with others in community.

People who are willing to drive others to town

Dialog Sermons (Dick did this once a month)

Outings at Brick Church – Oyster Roast, for example

Occasional Services at Jamestown and other sites associated with SJS

Healing Prayer Service

Vestry Building improved ( Quiet HVAC and improve bathroom) so we can get more use out of it - AA, etc.

* Suggestion was made to write the names of several of your favorites on the Time and Talent survey.

May the Lord who has given us the will to do these things give us the grace and power to perform them. Amen.

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