Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year, 2010! A Prayer for Peace.

Let us join our voices with those of the angels who brought us the Christmas message of Peace on Earth.

Glory to God in the Highest and, to All on Earth, Peace and Goodwill !

Here is a a portion of a prayer for peace....

"May the Lord banish from the hearts of all men and women whatever might endanger peace.
May He transform them into witnesses of truth, justice and love.
May He enkindle the rulers of peoples so that in addition to their solicitude for the proper welfare of their citizens, they may guarantee and defend the great gift of peace.
May He enkindle the wills of all so that they may overcome the barriers that divide, cherish the bonds of mutual charity, understand others, and pardon those who have done them wrong.
May all peoples of the earth become as brothers and sisters, and may the most longed-for peace blossom forth and reign always among men and women."

Pacem in Terris
Pope John XXIII, 4/11/63

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Susan said...

May 2010 bring peace and joy to our family at St. James. And thank you to Jennie and the Vestry for guiding us through a tumultuous year.