Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve 2013 - The Seventh Day of Christmas

Dear Friends,

      On this, the Seventh Day of Christmas, we mark both the Feast of St. Sylvester -4th C. Pope, who died Dec. 31, 335 and New Year's Eve.  Closely associated with the Emperor  Constantine, Sylvester was a great builder of churches.  Sylvester is also known as "Father Time."
      In one legend, the Emperor Constantine was cured of leprosy by the virtue of the baptismal water administered by Sylvester.  The Emperor, abjectly grateful, not only confirmed the bishop of Rome as the primate above all other bishops, he resigned his imperial insignia and walked before Sylvester's horse holding the pope's bridle as the papal groom. The generous pope, in return, offered the crown of his own good will to Constantine, who abandoned Rome to the pope and took up residence in Constantinople.
     This evening also marks New Year's Eve and the conclusion of 2013.   To mark the occasion, I've posted below a version of Auld Lang Syne - the poem by Robert Burns.  The performance is by Dougie MacLean from the album Tribute.   The dialect is Lowland Scots and the translation is included. 
May you all drink from the cup of kindness in the coming year!

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